My impression of England | Engelsk Assignment

My impression of England is primarily going to be based on my two trips to England. In the summer holidays of 2013 and 2014 I went to summer school/language school, living with a host family and exploring Southern England. It gave me not only some unique and unforgettable memories but also some impressions and experiences with England's culture.

Several times my host family's family visited us. Daughter, son and grandchildren. Not because there was anything to celebrate, they just stopped by and even stayed overnight a couple of times. Don't think I find it strange to do that but it was very clear that they had much stronger family bonds than my family have. It was just one big family enjoying each other's company. In the nighttime there was loads of activity in the streets but it wasn't uncontrollable drunk English teenagers partying, it was normal middle-class families eating at the local pubs. That's one part of the culture I would like in Denmark. Going out enjoying a tasteful meal, talking with others than just the ones living between the same walls as you. In Denmark, my family is almost only joint when it's someone's birthday or someone's throwing a party of some kind and we rarely go out.

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