This is England – Movie Assignment

This film takes place in 1983, in a small lower/working town in England. Shaun who is twelve years old lives alone with his mother. His father, an army officer, died in the Falkland war.
Shaun does not have any friends and he is being bullied at school.
One day, Shaun met a group of boys called Skinheads. He started hanging out with them and finally felt a part of something. When Combo became the leader of the group, it took a turn. The group split and Shaun stayed with Combo.
Combo had a very racist and nationalist way of thinking and he made Shaun believe in what he said.

Shaun is the main character. He is a twelve-year-old boy, who gets bullied in school. Before he meets the group Skinhead, he had long hair and his clothes was different from others. Shaun does not listen to his mom, and he uses very bad language. He loves his dad, and hate when people talks about him
After he met the group of Skinheads, he changed himself, because he wanted to look like the other group members.
He became bald and started to dress like them. Shaun felt in love with the girl called "smell" from the group, who is much older than him.
Shaun started to bully a boy in the group, so the other boys thinks that he is cool. He forgot to think about the time he was bullied. When Shaun met Combo, he had enough confidence to stand up for himself against Combo.

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