Juno | Characterization & Movie Review

Characterizing of Juno Macguff:
Through the story, Juno makes a change. In the beginning, she is not pregnant. At the same time, she is still very immature. Through the pregnancy, she gets more mature. An example is that she is taking responsibility by leaving the place for abortions, and by this decides to give birth to the baby. In the beginning of the story, she has a good friend in Paulie, but they have their discussions. Later on in the movie, their relationship gets more intense, and Paulie becomes Juno's boyfriend.

For example, she supports Juno by going to the scan with her. Her father, Mac, is a good friend for Juno. Nevertheless, he is also using the role as a father, when he insists to go with her, when she visits the adoptive family.

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