Captain Fantastic | Movie review | 10 i karakter

Captain Fantastic is centered around a family that lives isolated from the modern world and believes in anarchism.

The dad, Ben Cash, teaches his kids left-wing politics, survival traits, overall the mentality of relying on yourself, and do not let anybody tell you how to do things.

The mother, Leslie, suffers from a bipolar disorder and it leaves her hospitalized. The disorder gets the best of the Leslie and she ends up taking her own life.

Captain Fantastic manages to absorb your attention throughout the whole nine yards, because of its many plot changing turns, and its different aspect on life, which kept me from looking away.

Bens way of parenting was partly inspiring, because I sort of liked how he was brutal honest about anything, such as sex and death.

He lets his kids drink alcohol and gives them knives as presents. Normally a parent would say “the kids a too young” but learning about life and the real world is important even in a young age in my opinion.

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