Captain Fantastic | Analysis

In Captain Fantastic we follow the father Ben, who has lived in the forest with his six children for a whole decade. In these peaceful surroundings, he has taught them how to manage themselves and at the same time managed to make them independent and gifted young people. Their homemade paradise is ripped away beneath them as their mother's passing forces them back into the community they turned their backs on.

Some other characters who are very interesting to characterize is Leslie’s parents. The reason why they are very interesting to characterize is because they are the complete opposite of Ben and the kids. They are living the “normal” life. But anyways, their name is Jack Bertrang and Abigail. They live in a big house with a big garden, but aside from that their house is quite empty.

They have not spoken to their grandchildren (Bens and Leslie’s kids) in a long time because the grandad hate his son-in-law because of his choices. Their child, Leslie has just passed away, because she took her own life and they blame Ben. They want their grandchildren to stay with them and live a normal life. I think they are acting very well. They are the ones who are going to make sure that the kids are alright and I think they are doing that very well.

But all the characters are so well written. They are human and complex, which should be true of any script, but it is not easy to do — especially with a wide range of characters.

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