She’s the Bomb | Analysis

Many students experience pressure during their time as a student. There is pressure from society to do well in school and to graduate. This makes some students feel like failures if they cannot make it to graduation.

The story “She’s The Bomb”, written by T. Coraghessan Boyle and published in 2017 expresses the consequences it can have for a student who drops out. The main character, Hailey, is willing to call in a bomb to avoid the humiliation for not participating in the graduation.

The short story takes in the state of New York. The text mentions two fictional towns: Hibernia in the state of New York and Poughquasic Falls, which is located fifteen miles south of Hibernia.

The story begins in-media-res, where the main character is having a text-message conversation with her friend.

The exposition in the story’s structure is marked by the narrator’s intervention in the short story: “(...) at Hibernia College in Hibernia, New York, where the trees are just beginning to unfold their leaves after the long winnowing blast of an upstate winter. She is beyond distraught”. The narrator addresses the readers directly, informing about the time, atmosphere and setting.

The narration is mainly from a third-person point of view. It is an omniscient narrator, since the point of view is not limited to Hailey: “I didn’t even know you were still – ” she starts, but she doesn’t want to go there and cuts herself off.” (ll.21-239.

The narrator is in possession of knowledge from the major part of the characters. As seen in the quotation, the narrator enters the mind of the characters to explore their thoughts and feelings.

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