She’s the bomb analysis

Graduation. The end of an era and the ground for a new. All graduates know the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiousness you get when you know that the constant in your life will soon be over. But sometimes the school can fill too much in your life, and you easily drift out of the rhythm.

This is the case of the college student, Hailey “Hail” Phegler, a character in the short story She’s the Bomb, written in 2017 by T. Coraghessan Boyle. Hailey is an anxious and negative girl who throughout her last year didn’t go to class and ended up not graduating. Now Hailey has to deal with the consequences of not graduating, and you could say she has her very own way of doing that.

The story of She’s the Bomb is about a young woman who is at the end of her college years, Hailey Phegler. She calls in a bomb threat at her college graduation ceremony, to avoid the embarrassment of her mother figuring out that she is not getting her degree.

She is ultimately arrested by the police, bailed out, and then ends up working in a clothing store. The story takes place in contemporary America. This is evident in how we she various text-messages throughout the story.

The main setting is at a graduation ceremony in the fictional city of Hibernia, New York and starts in medias res. In the story we are introduced to various minor characters, but the main character is Hailey.

She is shown to us as an anxious person who also has some aggressive, judgmental and lazy traits. This can be seen in her interaction at the graduation place with her fellow student, Stephanie Joiner.

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