She’s the bomb | Analytical essay

Everybody knows the feeling of pressure. Whether it is from school, work or life in general pressure can feel like an anvil on one’s shoulders.

Sometimes the pressure can build up to a point where it can affect a person sense of right and wrong. This can especially happen to people of a young age that maybe feel extreme pressure from school, family

or social links on a daily basis. This is exactly what happens to the main character Hailey in the short story “She’s the bomb” by T. Coraghessan Boyle from 2017.

With the messages between Hailey and her friend, it is clear, how afraid Hailey really is of being exposed as a fraud. She is feeling like her whole world is about to crumble

and it is easy to see that she is frustrated because she writes things like “I’d rather die” and “Srsly i never thought i’d wish for a school shooting”.

Both these quotes express the extreme amount of anxiety, that Hailey is feeling, and it is clear how much of a failure she feels like.

Besides this, the messages also express extremely clear the amount of desperation Hailey feels, she even says it herself “I’m desprt”.

This is because for Hailey it is just about keeping a secret, it is about maintaining her respect, her credibility and not becoming an embarrassment.

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