Assignment 1
Find alle verberne (udsagnsordene) i præsens (nutid) i nedenstående tekst, og omskriv dem til præteritum (datid). Skriv hele teksten som dit svar, og marker verberne tydeligt som i eksemplet.

Assignment 2

Assignment 3
Oversæt de sidste 6 sætninger af The White Cat (linje 121 – linje 126) s. 3. til dansk.

Assignment 4 - Fiction
- Material
- Summary
- Analytical essay

Finally, after her third gin and tonic, the door bangs open and the boys arrived. The committee girls got up and start teasing them, scolding them for being late, things like that.

Marianne hanged back, searching for Connell’s eye contact, which he didn’t return. He was dressed in a white button-down shirt, the same Adidas sneakers he wore everywhere.

The other boys were wearing shirts too, but more formal-looking, shinier, and worn with leather dress shoes. There was a heavy, stirring smell of aftershave in the air. Eric catched Marianne’s eye and suddenly let go of Karen, a move obvious enough that everyone else looked around too.

Looked at you, Marianne, said Eric. She couldn’t tell immediately whether he was being sincere or mocking. All the boys were looking at her except Connell.
I was serious, Marianne, Eric says, great dress, very sexy.

Rachel started laughing, leaned in to say something in Connell’s ear. He turned his face away slightly and didn’t laugh along. Marianne felt a pressure in her head that she wanted to relieve by screaming or crying.


She stopped to take a few gulps of oxygen and turned to the window once more. She surveyed the stand of poplars towering behind the garden fence, then the fields beyond, their harvest of grain bundled in tawny sheaves.

The landscape was stunning, a Constable11 painting spread as far as she could see. Her gaze reached out farther to the remote horizon

and she fancied she could look over 125 it and see her son half the world away. The realisation came full upon her that she would keep the curtain drawn back12 always.

Hun stoppede for at tage et par få slurke oxygen og vendte sig mod vinduet endnu en gang. Hun betragtede bevoksningen af tårnhøje popler bag indhegningen i haven

derefter markerne på den anden side, deres kornhøst bundet sammen i gyldenbrune bunker. Landskabet var pragtfuldt, et Constable maleri som dækkede så vidt som hendes øje rakte.