Good and evil are everywhere | Essay | 12 i karakter

“All human beings are commingled out of good and evil”- Robert Louis Stevenson. Everybody in this world has to sides, which are good and evil.

Everybody has his or her thoughts about good and evil because we all understand good and evil in different ways.

As a result, my focus is going to be how good and evil can be understood in different ways by discussing different cultural and historical aspects. (Great presentation!)

But there always would be someone, who would does the opposite of good and tell you, that he is doing something good. For example: Adolf Hitler.

He has seen himself as a good person and disagreed with those, who talked about Jewish people, and people who hadn’t light skin, blue eyes and blond hair.

To be evil means to do something very bad, hurt other people and to disrespect them. It also means to be happy, while you see other people suffering.

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