Homelessness in the UK | Manuscript for a speech

You have probably heard about homelessness in the UK, and you have probably also passed a homeless person. Now imagine that you have to sleep one night out on the street in January.

You have nowhere else to sleep, and you have not got enough clothes to keep yourself warm. At any rate I know this is not something I want to experience.

This means that we have a serious problem that is evolving every day, tens of thousands of people sleep on the street every night in the UK. Even though it is very hard to registrate how many people that do not have a roof over their head.

There is also a form of homelessness called rough sleeping, this is the most dangerous example. The people that experience rough sleeping over a long period of time, are in a great risk of getting traumas, and mental health issues.

Now let me move on to the next point on my agenda, the reason why you can become homeless and what some of the problems are.

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