Dear fellow American citizens, I stand here today, as an American republican, to address the recent happenings in the 2020 presidential election, which is officially one of the most famous and debatable elections in the history of the united states.

As most of you already know, Mr. Biden has officially won the US 2020 election, and I would like to congratulate him on this historical achievement.

We have all heard of Mr. Trump's claims about the election being tainted by what he calls “tremendous corruption and fraud.”

Trump’s campaign has filed at least 42 lawsuits in many of the states won by Mr. Biden in hopes of changing the results of the 2020 election, and so far, the campaign has not won any of the lawsuits. Mr. Trump decided to file the lawsuits because he thinks that the mail-in ballots should not be accepted if they arrive long after Election Day and because he thinks that states did not properly verify the voter identities for mail-in ballots.

It is understandable to doubt the results, especially in this case, where we saw a huge change in the results in a short period, but election officials in every state and from both political parties have reported they had no evidence of fraud or irregularities affecting the outcome of the election.