Hello everybody, my name is Maria, and I’m a sports journalist. My purpose here is to speak briefly about MMA, here at your high school.

I’m so honored to be here and educate you all a little bit within this topic. My goal before I leave is that you all, got an idea of what MMA includes, and what kind of sport it is.

I’d like to start off by explaining what MMA is. Mixed martial arts also known as MMA, emerged in the 1990s and is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and is more popular than NASCAR and NHL.

The sport is rapidly making a move from minority to a more mainstream sport. MMA is often referred to “ultimate fighting” or just fighting in general, but MMA is so much more than just “fighting”.

MMA is a combination of barehanded oriental martial arts and Western combat sports involving combination of standing and striking techniques along with grappling and fighting on the ground.

MMA was not considered a sport; it was mostly considered fighting contests. The first ultimate fighting championship also known as (UFC) event, in 1993 helped MMA to grow massively. UFC is the world’s most popular fighting league.

Besides a big fan base on social media channels, the acceptance around the world grew to at great extent.

Another major reason why MMA became so popular and more mainstream, was mainly because the fighters were separated into different weight classes between eight and fourteen, depending on the governing body or competition being held..