The Civil Rights Movement | Speech Manuscript

Hello and welcome everyone!

I am honored to be here at Svendborg Business College and to see so many fellow students wanting to participate and be here today. To start of I will shortly introduce myself, my name is Diddie Marie Rasmussen and I have been studying at the International University of Alabama for the past year. I have worked a lot with The Civil Rights Movement, and you guys have heard a bit about it and have some acquaintance about it, right?

If we start from the very beginning. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the black people were abused by the white people and highly mistreated. They lived their life under a white man’s hand, as a slave.

Even after general slavery was over, the black people still obeyed the white people until a black woman refused to give up her seat on a bus end everything got segregated. Do any of you know just a little bit about that story?

And maybe have heard about The Civil Rights Movement? Let me see a hand from those who have. Okay, so some of you do and some do not.

The remarkable Civil Rights Movement is defined as the segregation of the black and white people. As we all know, Martin Luther King was the front leader of the movement, because he organizes marches to fight for their rights to vote among other things.

The Civil Rights Movement was a movement against the fact that circumstances weren’t equal between black and white people in the Southern States of America.

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