Britain’s Homelessness Speech | 10 i karakter

‘Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome, and thank you all for taking your precious time to join me today. My name is Carol, a part-time volunteer at Free-Care Shelter for homeless people.

Before I begin, I want to thank your teacher and school for giving me this opportunity to discuss with you the horrific homelessness crisis robbing our nation's youth lives. As most of you know, homelessness means a state of having no home.

Working in a shelter home has given me a first-hand experience of the many challenges homeless people face every day. A majority of the homeless youths went through the child services system; thus, have no families to rely on for any support.

In most cases, these kids are struggling with drug addiction and require rehabilitation, but the system only cares for them until they turn 18 years old. Upon release, the teenagers have no jobs to take care of their basic needs and lack the guidance to quit their addictions.

Therefore, many homeless youths venture into a life of crime to meet their daily needs. Kelly's life in the documentary exhibits the disconnection between child services and other care systems like housing charities.

It is inhumane to leave young people out in the streets with no means of survival. Thus, the government has to step up in developing well-coordinated organisations that protect and care for youth until they can support themselves.

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