Speech about McDonald’s problems | 10 i karakter

Good afternoon fellow students. Thank you for having me. My name is Asta Maria Einarsdottir, and I will be speaking to you this morning about McDonald's problems and their possible turnaround.

As most of you know, I am also a student here at Stanford University, where I study marketing and economics. To begin with, I would like to introduce you to the agenda for today's presentation.

I will start by introducing the subject, which is McDonald's economic problems, as I mentioned previously.


The burger chain reported Monday, December 8 last year that same-store sales in November fell with whole 4,6 percent in the U.S. - and with 2,2 percent globally, which is the most significant drop in the decade (Wong, 2014).

McDonald's same-store sales have not been positive in America since October 2013, where they rose 0,2 percent. The reason for this is mainly that they keep losing to shifting trends and technological development .

This is a problem for the company because if your business doesn't grow the business lose their profit, employees and their equity. So if you aren't growing, then you are dying.

McDonald's is mostly known for an inexpensive restaurant, but also for food that accusations say is unhealthy and overly processed (Lutz, 2014) . These accusations were fought back immediately.

After this, they tried to reposition themselves as an inexpensive and desirable place to eat, but with no improvement in the same-store sales (Wong, 2014).

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