Good morning and greetings students of Leiths School of Food and Wine! My name is Marie Meng, and I am an entrepreneur from Denmark, who focus on the problem regarding food waste around the world.

I am here today to tell you about your responsibility and the impact you can make by adjusting your food waste habits.

Did you guys know that each year 1.3 billion tons of food, which is around one third of all the food that is produced, is wasted? This include about 45% of fruit and vegetables, 35% fish and seafood, 30% cereal, 20% dairy products and 20% of meat.

Besides that, it is 41% of food waste comes from bakeries. So as you can hear a lot of food is being wasted every year, while 795 million people out in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

If we could reduce the food waste around the world with just 25%, then according to the UN, there would be enough food to feed everyone who is malnourished .

You might be wondering “What is it that she wants us to do?”. I will tell you. I am not asking you to go around and give your left overs to people who are less fortunate. You can, if you want to.

But I want you to think about how you can help decrease food waste. And I am asking you kindly to think about your contribution to food waste. When you go grocery shopping, make sure you have a plan, and you know what to get.

Then when making dinner, you should only make the amount of food that will be eaten, and if there’s leftovers, save them for lunch the next day, or for easy dinner the following evening.

I hope that during my last 15 minutes talking with you, some of you have become more aware of what a big difference you can make, by adjusting a few small routines in your everyday life.

Doing this, will mean that you can help prevent food waste, and also help save lives and save our planet. Always remember that even the smallest change, can make a huge difference. After all, you are the future generation. It’s your life. So what are you going to do about it?