‘One Friday Morning’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Assignment 4a
- This written assignment consists of three tasks:
- Task 1
- Task 2:
- Task 3:
- Subjekt
- Verballed
- Verballtid

The story “One Friday Morning" is written by Langston Hughes and was published in 1941. The theme of the story is racism and racial inequality.

The story takes place in the North of the United States of America. The narrative happens in April over a few days. In these days you follow the main character, a colored high-school student.

The narrative is in a third-person narration, where you follow the main character, Nancy Lee, therefore the story is told from her perspective.

The short story captures the reader’s attention at the beginning, where a part of the climax is revealed, as Nancy Lee is told she has won this year’s art scholarship.

However, further into the narrative, you receive more information about the colored high school girl Nancy Lee. You furthermore hear about her mother, father, and African ancestors.

The Friday morning where Nancy Lee is receiving her scholarship in front of the entire high school and her mother, which Nancy Lee insisted should come.

Before the big announcement, Nancy Lee is once again called to Miss O’Shay’s office. Nancy Lee thought it was the reporters from the papers that had already come. Nancy Lee comes into Miss O’Shay’s office and sits down.

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