One Friday Morning | Analyse | Langston Hughes

The short narrative story “One Friday Morning” is written by Langston Hughes and published in 1941.

The text primarily subjects’ themes like racism and equal rights between human existences, and the American dream.

The American dream is clearly expressed throughout Nancy's story, and it's clear to see some has better opportunities than others to succeed in the American dream.

Another very important person in this story is Nancy’s Art teacher Miss Dietrich. Miss Dietrich is a tall red-haired woman, and she is a very ambitious teacher.

“Miss Dietrich was the kind of teacher who brought out the best in her students” (P28 L6).

This quote shows that Miss Dietrich is a well-recognized teacher at George Washington High from the employees and the students.

“Miss Dietrich had then asked for some facts about her parents, her background and her life”

This quote shows that Miss Dietrich is the kind of teacher who cares about their students. The final very influential person is the vice-principal Miss O’Shay.

Miss O’Shay is an Irish woman, who also came to America as an immigrant. Being an immigrant herself she could therefor put herself Nancy’s position quite easy.

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