The short story ”One Friday Morning” written by Langston Hughes is about a colored high school student, Nancy Lee who lives in the North of the United States.

She expects to be awarded a college scholarship in a painting competition but when the committee found out she was colored they denied her the prize.

Beside of that Nancy Lee is proud of being African-American but also believes in the American Dream of equality for all.

To begin with, the short story was published in 1941. “One Friday Morning” set in the North of the United States and was probably meant to be read to the time of publishing.

The short story about Nancy Lee takes place over a few days in April. In the short story the physical setting is the high school building, the vice principal office and Nancy´s home.

The social setting depicts the American society in the early 1940s which is the most important aspect of the setting in the short story because of the main theme.

The main character of the short story is Nancy Lee. However, the secondary characters Miss Dietrich and Miss O´Shay are also important to the themes and message of the short story.

Other less important characters which appear in the short story is Nancy´s parents. Nancy Lee is a smart and talented final year student and is well-liked among her white classmates and white teachers.

She is proud to be an American which is expressed when she often refers to the American flag.