One Friday Morning | Analyse | Langston Hughes

Still to this day, racism and racial segregation is a much-discussed topic in the media. You cannot avoid hearing about these topics when you live in 2021.

As recently as last year George Floyd was killed by the color of his skin. It set in motion the movement called Black Lives Matter all over the world.

They all want justice and equal rights. These are also the themes addressed in the short story “One Friday Morning” written by Langston Hughes published in 1952.

The other setting in the story is at George Washington High in North America, where we get to know her art teacher Miss Dietrich, who is a tall redhaired women.

She helps Nancy so she can get better at painting and achieve her dream of being permitted to go to an art school. A scholarship will also help Nancy, because they are not rich people.

Other than that, we also hear about what it is like being a colored girl from the South in a society with racial segregation.

Nancy loves her friends at school and she is also loved by them. The text says: “Nancy Lee sometimes forgot she was colored herself. She liked her classmates and her school.”

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