Racism is a big topic around the world and occurs a lot in our everyday. Many years ago, it was a big topic of conversation, because of the slavery and the way black people got treated.

Fortunately, racism isn’t at that level anymore, but in some connections it can be. The American dream has helped more people believing that they have the same opportunities than everyone else has, no matter their place in society/

In the story they have used a third person narrator, which shows us the point of view in the story, as the narrator wants us so to see it.

We are only here the things were supposed to, to get the right message from the story. “Nancy Lee was proud of being American, a Negro American with blood out of Africa a long time ago, too many generations back to count” (p. 2 line 32).

It is important that we can put ourselves in Nancy’s position and know how she feels in relation to being an American and generally the American dream.

The third person narrator describes the atmosphere in her sentence without we notice. “Casually one day, Miss Dietrich asked Nancy Lee what color frame she thought would be best on her picture.” (p. 2 line 43).

In this sentence she uses “casually”, to emphasize that she is not just asking, but she is asking relaxed, like it is not the biggest question you could ask any hone.

The whole story seems more objective because of the third person narrator and the readers also have the opportunity to observe the occurrences and be capable to form their own opinion.