Summarise the story

Characterise Nancy Lee

Comment on Nancy Lee’s painting

Comment on the theme and message of the story

Langston Hughes’ short story “One Friday Morning” Is a story about Nancy Lee Johnson. She was a African American high school student and artist.

Nancy Lee wanted to win a college scholarship, she had to make a painting to win it. She really wanted to win, and she is confident that her painting is good.

Her relationship with her school and classmates was very good, and especially her art teacher, Miss Dietrich. Nancy Lee very proud of being both American and black, and her parents have taught her about her African heritage.

Her parents grew up in the South, where they struggled hard to gain an education. But they are not rich at all, they struggled to move to the North so that Nancy Lee can have better access to education.

Nancy Lee invited her mother to the college acceptance ceremony, where she would show her painting, but hides the news about the scholarship from her parents.

She also began to prepare her award acceptance speech, which focuses on African Americans and the American Dream.