The main theme in the story is pride. The story is told from a third-person narration, even though it’s told from a third-person perspective, the narrator still has a big insight to Nancy Lee’s feelings. Nancy is proud of being an African-American. Nancy is very humanitarian, she especially cares for her art teacher, Miss Dietrich.

Nancy loves to do art, and in the story we hear how she wins the scholarship for the best painting. Nancy is very thankful and proud, which comes to expression in her dialogue with the vice principal, Miss O’ Shay.

The committee finds out that Nancy is coloured and charge back the scholarship and the honour of winning. This makes Nancy realise the not equal situation the Negro-Americans were in back then.

The theme in the story comes to expression in Nancy’s attitude and in her thinking. Nancy is African-American and she is proud of being it, because her parents taught her how to be proud of it.

Her parents fought hard for a ‘normal American life’, which is expressed as the American Dream which is defined as democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality.