One Friday morning is a short story written by Langston Hughes and was published in 1941. In the story, we meet Nancy Lee who is a coloured high school student.

Nancy is very ambitious and passionate about her school and art. Her teacher Miss Dietrich is a very big support for Nancy, and Nancy gets very inspired by her.

In the story, we see a few symbols and there is especially one, which has a big meaning for the rest of the story. On page 2 lines 45-48 Nancy and Miss Dietrich talk about what color frame she wants to have on her painting, where she chooses blue.

The painting itself is a symbol of Nancy’s American dream. The general American dream is to provide a great and successful life for oneself

where Nancy’s painting is a bit more about the Negro society and its privileges. The Negro society does not have the same opportunity as a white person would have (page 6 lines 190-193).