‘Now there is peace’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

”Now there is peace” is a fictional short story written by the American author Richard Sherman. The fictional short story was published by Vanity Fair in 1933.

In the short story, Arthur’s parents are collecting statements from several of Arthur’s friends to make a tribute to his memory.

Martin was pointed out to make a statement about Arthur but declines because he knew something about him that most people didn’t know of. “He was always laughing when people were around.

Martin’s, whom the story is told through, relation to Arthur was through school, because Arthur’s was Martins Senior Counselor when he started, which means that both of them were in high school.

Besides going to school, we don’t really get any information about Martin, however Martin seems to be a quite quit kid and shy kid in-between the lines, this is due to the fact that he several times in the text stops talking halfway through a sentence (l. 17).

Besides that, he often answers with short sentences, as well as stutters once in a while, which shows both kindness and respect but also nervousness (l. 13). However, this makes good sense considering how Mr. Bentham is so dominant.

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