‘Now there is peace’ | Analytical essay

Everybody liked him. He was a big man at the school." Well this is a sentence we all would love someone to say about us after we died.

And that is exactly what Arthur’s friend said about him. But was if Arthur was not feeling very good? Hiding something big that he was afraid to tell any-one? And I can tell you, he was hiding something.

Arthur is one of the main characters, though he recently died. The storyline is about him, and his dead is the reason Mr. and Mrs. Bentham invites Martin to their home.

Through Arthur’s parents’ he is described as the perfect son. The reader is told that he was an athlete, a great student, lead-er in church and very popular.

But it is obvious to see that something is going on behind the scenes. Mr. Bentham says: “Arthur was an unusual boy” , which tells us that he wasn’t only what they first described.

At one point in the text Martin says: “If ever you get in trouble,' he said, 'or if you're homesick, come and see me.

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