“Now there is peace” is a short story written by the American author Richard Sherman. The short story is fiction and was published in 1933 in the collection Vanity fair.
"It is symbolic of Arthur, just as Arthur was symbolic of the best in boyhood, in young manhood. And that is what we want this memoir to be too. We shall call it 'Arthur Bentham: The Record of a Happy Boyhood'."

But was he happy? Were all the smiles just a facade?

Arthurs parents is collecting statements from different student to make a memoir of their son. Martin is a first-year student, were Arthur were his senior counsellor2. The parents want Martin to tell them about Arthur, but Martin claims, that he doesn’t know him well.

They still want his perspective of their son, because they want to tell his story the best way they can.

Mr. Bentham (Father of Arthur) is proud of his son. He speaks highly of him: “Killed for sport like a bull.