The Whipping Boy | Analytical Essay | Richard Gibney

Around the world, we still see lots of people who are working under horrible conditions. The working conditions that these people live under are horrible, and it is something that we in Denmark can’t imagine. It is almost like back in the days where slaves were a very common phenom.

The example above, shows the use of foreshadowing, because we get a hint of something that is supposed to happen.

This makes us prepare for the event that we now know is going to happen later on in the text, but it also makes it more interesting as we look more forward to reading about it.

The use of foreshadowing here, also makes it more believable, because we already know about the event, that is going to take place.

In “The Whipping Boy” the setting is what gives us as a reader, a sense of which places in the real world, that the setting could match, or give us an indicator about the grounding, which gives us a better chance to follow the story, and the storyline.

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