A different boy with the same name | The stone boy

Accidents happen all the time, some great and some minor. Killing another human being by accident is the worst thing a person can go through, and it can be very difficult to move on with your life, because how do you react? A wrong reaction can make everyone look at you differently. It can even change how you look at yourself.

And that is exactly what the short story “The stone boy” written by Gina Berriault is about. In the story, a boy named Arnold shoots his big-brother by accident, but he reacts in a way that seems both cruel and careless. But is he really cruel and careless?

Arnold is a 9-years-old boy, who lives on a farm with his parents and his 6 years older brother Eugie. In the beginning of the story he seems like a happy and energetic by the way he wakes up early in the morning and jumps onto his older brother to wake him up.

He loves adventure and has no problem waking up early in the morning to do something with his life - like go hunting or picking peas with his brother. (Page 1, line 3-9).

Arnold loves his older brother Eugie and really looks up to him, which becomes very clear in page 1, line 18, when Eugie is walking down the stairs and Arnold thinks: “He never tired of watching his big brother”. Also, the fact that they go hunting and picking peas together indicates that the two brothers have a good relationship.

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