Eagalarios-stone | Essay | 12 i karakter

Once upon a time, a young boynamed Dareios sailed out with his father to find a stone hidden at sea. This stone, however, was no ordinary stone. See, this was the Eagalarios-stone.

A stone so powerful and wicked that even its forger, Eagalar, the greatest wizard to have ever walked Wrineterra, had difficulties controlling the temptationsof its great powers.

Forged by combining the elements of life; water, air, and earth. Horrified by its power, Eagalar condemned the stone soon after its completion, endeavoringin its destruction because of the mighty risk and danger posed,if acquired by an unscrupulous master.

At the bottom of the sea, a sudden white glow appeared. A glow so strong, it reached the skies. It came from Dario’s hand. His eyes opened. He started gasping for air but soon realized he was not choking. "How can I breathe? Am I… dead?". "No",a voice answered.

He hastily looked down at the stone in his hand. "Who are you?",Dareios dared to ask. "I am Astrid. The sworn protector of the Eagalarios-stone”.

It was a spirit speaking to him from within the stone.“I have been summoned by the pure intentions of your heart, kind Dareios. Now see to it that your people shall be free by the help of this magnificent stone”,she uttered.Dareios could now feel the power flow through his body.

As he squeezed the stone tightly in his hand he screamed, “TAKE ME BACK!”

"Look mom, it isDareios! Dareios is back!" a young girl shouted of excitement. He nodded his head politely, but he had only one goal in mind:To finish the quest, he and his father had started.

Dareios arrived at the gatesof the king’s castle,which wereguarded by the king’s most trusted, best trained, and heavily armed soldiers.

As he walked closer to the gatesone soldiershouted, “STOP AT ONCE, OR WE SHALL EXECUTE YOU IMMEDIATELY!”.

Dareios stopped. He felt a shiver down his spine. But with the stone in his hand, he raised it and yelled “BE GONE!”.

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