Just Like That | Analytical essay


The short story “Just Like That” was written by Michael Richards in 1987. The story is about a man wanting to teach a boy how to hunt, and in the worst case kill kangaroos.

He watches while the man kills the first kangaroo. The boy quickly becomes very fascinated by the sight of the dead kangaroo and feels the pressure from the man to kill a kangaroo himself, he is convinced that pulling the riffle trigger will make him a man.

He has now found a big buck, he’s hesitated about killing it, but the man pressures him. He shoots it in the neck and then the head, but it doesn’t give him any feeling of satisfaction.

On the contrary when he sees the dead buck, he imagines it full of maggots and just feels sad.

In the story we read about two main characters, the boy, and the man. As a reader we can only assume that the man is the boy’s father, uncle, family friends, or another fatherly figure.

The man does not realize what drastic changes the boy is going through in the story, he mainly focuses on how important it is that he learns the boy to hunt.

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