How do we define ourselves? One of the great Philosophical questions. In the article “Losing Whiteness When You Lose Your Father” the American author Corina Zappia discusses our own definition of ourselves compared to other peoples definitions of us based on our ethnicity and identity.

Furthermore, she discusses the intersection between these two and what the life of being multiracial is like.

With this being the article’s main topics Zappia brings the readers onto her own journey to exemplify her article and as an example of finding your identity in your ethnicity.

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One of the biggest contrasts in the article is the contrast between Corina Zappia’s own identification with her different ethnicities and other peoples’.

It is very easy for her to identify herself as Filipino because she looks Philippine. However, she is also Italian and Hungarian despite from her looks. Yet, people do not take that into consideration when asking about ethnicity.

Therefore, it has become easier just to say what you know people are asking for instead of the actual facts as written on page 1 in line 4-5.

It has become a society problem that people think that “what you see is what you get” which is partly why some multiracial people feel like they are losing claim of parts of their ethnicity. Especially, if that part of the family is not here to remind them.