‘I Spy’ | Analytical | 10 i karakter

A short story of a twelve years old child named Charlie Stowe who lives with his mother and father. A child with no self-assertion and is very apprehensive.

The story setting is taking place in a coastal town because the main character can hear the wind, sea, and the beating of the waves. (P. 1/5: L6-9)

The short story takes place in the First World War which makes the environment more defiantly. There were mentioned Zeppelins which is another word for aircraft or airship.

Zeppelins were used doing the First World War for reconnaissance and bombing. A large German airship. Charlie’s dad owns and runs a tobacco shop under their house.

The cause of that he owns a tobacco shop and a working at nights make a big missing existence and as a matter of course is affecting their father-son bond between each other.

Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night because of his mother’s snoring. But the thought of the tobacconist’s shop which his father kept down, only wooden stairs away from him.

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