Shiva | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

Most individuals are adherents of the proverb: "Without a goal, it is difficult to score ". Without goals, it can be difficult to navigate through life because the individual has no motivational factors or prospects, and life is unpredictable.

Some individuals achieve their dreams and for others the dream remains an unforgettable dream. It can be difficult to accept defeat.

To regain control, some parents try to pass on their dreams and quality of life to their children through the upbringing, hoping that their children will score instead of them.

After the guests have left, the atmosphere changes in the living room. The cold air can symbolize the mother's guilt, because it spreads throughout the body.

The guilty feeling causes her to leave the religious world (the living room) and begin to explore the profane world (Rafael’s room).

Although mourners under Shiva must sit in a low chair, the chair can also help represent a hierarchy of power.

The mother is sitting on a low chair because she is uninformed and weak because she has difficulty accepting the alternative lifestyle.

Rafael's room is lethargic: " (…) making it like the whole world was crying tears onto Rachel's little girl desk (l.157) ".

The omniscient narrator personifies the world by using a negative emotional verb (crying). The world is crying down on Rafael’s material things, which implicitly shows that her mother is developing and is beginning to realise her mistakes.

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