Shiva | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Most individuals are adherents of the proverb: "Without a goal, it is difficult to score ". Without goals, it can be difficult to navigate through life because the individual has no motivational factors or prospects

and life is unpredictable. Some individuals achieve their dreams and for others the dream remains an unforgettable dream. It can be difficult to accept defeat.

To regain control, some parents try to pass on their dreams and quality of life to their children through the upbringing, hoping that their children will score instead of them.

Neela and Rafael Bavaria have two very different world views. The mother has a conservative approach, which her language skills indicate: "Is he doing this trans thing now, too? (I.21) ''.

By using the verb do in the present participle, she testifies that she considers transsexuality more closely as an ongoing action than a gender identity.

Rachel, on the other hand, has a modern approach to sexuality: '' It's something I am (l.22) ''. By using an active verb (am) it is made clear to the reader that this is an ascertainment, but her reply also shows that Rafael is firm.

Neela's conflict management further emphasizes her traditional beliefs: '' Neela left the book where it sat on the coffee table (l.37) ''.

The book has a symbolic value because it is a symbol of enlightenment, as it contains Rafael’s repressed feelings.

Thus, unlike Rafael, the ethics and morals of Judaism are more important to the mother than enlightenment.

The mother is also fascinated by the traditional women's ideals, which is also seen by the fact that she works as a nurse because as a nurse you have to be caring.

Neela's language skills also reveal another important thing: "What Rachel liked to call here Don't-even stare (l84)".

The fact that the mother tries to use the same facial expression as Rafael shows implicitly that Neela's source of inspiration is Rafael.

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