The False Moon | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Growing up can be hard, because not all children are born in happy families. Today more and more young kids struggle, with unstable parents and violence in the home.

The fear of the consequences of telling about the abuse, are stopping children from telling the truth to the world. Many end up being like their parents.

The protagonist is the boy named Matt and through the story, he is the 1st person narrator. It does not say in the text how old he is, but after what is described he is a young teenager.

He describes himself as lanky and skinny. He is told, with large eyes and lashes more suited to a girl. Matt is very observative, and when he a night, is sleeping in his room, he can hear his moms snoring through the wall.

When he can’t sleep from his moms snoring, he sneaks out, and goes over to his best friend's house. In school he thinks all his friends are losers, they are always whining.

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