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The story” Dinner”, is a short story written by Andy Dehnart. The story focus on the title “dinner”. The title” Dinner” describes the day and meal that Jack and his family should have on Thanksgiving.

The whole text is built around the headline. Because the whole story is about the family, meeting only this one day and being together as a family.

An important character is Cousin Brett, who no longer participates. Two years ago, when everyone was waiting excitedly at the entrance, it turned out to everyone's disappointment, that he had his male friend with.

Which was not well done, and since that day they have not missed him. And don't talk about it.

It is a short story with spoken language, but with many difficult words. The tone is very negative, because the family talks to each other in a condescending way.

The whole relationship in the family itself is ironic, because they do not talk and see each other, except when there is Thanksgiving, so they gather only once a year.

Although the text is negative and ironic, there is still some kind of humor.

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