Teenagers especially knows to addiction. The feeling of not being able to put it away. It could be horror. The strangely but enjoyable feeling of getting scared. The feeling of being alive.

But it could also be cellphones. Almost every teenager has one and is probably a lot online. It is very addictive. But why is it so important knowing what others are doing? Seeing what others are posting?

The ones who are following her could be the soul she has lost. For every picture she takes she is loosing a bit of her soul every time.

She is also describing the only sound is the blood beating in her head and the air is scented with Jasmine (p.12 ll. 11, 12,13).

It is all coming from her. She is the first person narrator. She is the speaker and the events are told through her perspective. The reader only knows what Ellie knows.

It gives a closeness to Ellie. Ellie is mostly a reliable narrator but she is also slowly loosing her mind. The reader is feeling for her but also for sure that she is a bit naive.