“An obsession is a way for damaged people to damage themselves more”- MARK BARROWCLIFFE.

This quote resonates with a lot of people and is a poetic reminder because not everyone is aware of how dangerous an obsession can be even if it is healthy. This exact problem is portrayed in the short story Janus by Ann Beattie.

The title Janus is very special because as its indeed a Roman god that is identified with doors, gates, and all beginnings and that is depicted with two opposite faces and is two faced.

The title Janus is very significant to this text as it is affiliated with the main character of this book, Andrea as she is described as a two-faced person by her “lover “and this is one of the many themes that circle around this short story but as we read further into the text, we clearly see Andreas obsession with this so called bowl and where it comes to the point where she has personified this bowl as a person and has a relationship with it like mother and son.

Andrea was a real a state agent who tried to sell the houses using every trick in the book fx: bringing her dog to the house as she thought that some prospective buyers were dog lovers.

She used all these tricks until she had her eye on this bowl which brought her so much luck that every time, she placed it in the house the house would be sold.

The author Ann Beattie`s characters are usually “passive, alienated people who cannot extricate themselves from unsatisfying careers and lives.

In detached, unemotional prose Beattie chronicles their unfulfilling lives.

This relates to the main character Andrea as she is controlled by her obsession with the bowl and even if she sold many houses, she was never satisfied and even if she isn’t passive her husband is the one in the relationship that always has to bow his head down for her.