The short story “The Kiss”, is written by Elizabeth Baines in 2019, and is a non-fictional story about three people´s way, of taking care of their own lives after experiencing adversity.

The beginning of the short story is in medias res, and there is three main characters in the story, one girl, and two boys.

The three main characters have all had a tough past, through their years with abuse, anger, discrimination and alienation.

The person that reads the short story “The Kiss”, is the receiver. The person that reads the short story, is the one to receive the message, that Elizabeth Baines wanted to send through the short story.

The topic of the short story “The Kiss” is, the way that you decide to take care of your own life, even though if you have had a tough childhood, most people take care of their own life, and makes a change to become a better person, than their parents was, ut unfortunately there´s some people, that keeps feeling lost and betrayed, through their whole life.

If their parents have been tough to them, maybe they have had an abuse, experienced violence in their family, drugs or criminality, they might go through the same footsteps as their parents did, or even worse, suicide or exploding a bomb in the middle of the street, full of people.