During the 2000’s terrorism has become a big part of history across international borders. Foreign terrorist organizations have led to thousands of deaths and injuries and several attacks on western countries have increased fear among the civil population.

The short story “Kiss” written by Eliza-beth Baines is about a terrorist possibly striking on a trainstation in London the central theme in the short story is dealing with a difficult childhood and making poor decisions due to life challenges.

Lasty, the man with the detonator is a Muslim extremist, who is a part of a terrorist organization. In the short story it is described that the man used to have a goal of becoming a doctor but was requit-ed by a terrorist group which later radicalized him.

Throughout the story it is clear, that the man is experiencing an identity crisis due to his religion and nationality.

“He belonged in neither world. He belonged nowhere; his future, mapped out by his parents, was a mystery to him, alien.” It is later described that he found himself when he joined the terror organization.