Assignment 3
Assignment 4
- “Kiss” by Elizabeth Baines

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The short story “Kiss” is written by Elizabeth Baines. This text describes how people deal with difficulties from the past.

Some overcome hardship through love, friendship, family, others react more negatively and let it affect their lives forever.

When hardships overcome you, you lose your empathy and it can result in extreme actions like hurting yourselves or even others. It is important to remember that our actions can have a major influence on people’s lives.

The story is told by a third-person narrator, who has a vast knowledge of the characters. For example, has the narrator access to the character’s feelings and thoughts.

“That was just how they saw each other: he on his bristling guard, she potentially afraid and ashamed” (l. 23-24).

It helps the reader to understand the characters and make their stories relatable. However, the narration is limited to the perspective of the three main characters.