Aqua D’or | Analyse

Aqua D’or is an international active company founded in 1987 by Allan Feldt. That same year the company’s first bottling plant opened in Brande.

Aqua D’or and all its sub brands are owned by the international conglomerate Danone, who also owns different milk products brands such as Activia, Evian and Danonino.

Their main turnover product is mineral water bottles which draws the 80% of the turnover in the Danish market. While the other 20% comes from the products with added fruit or plant flavours.

The value chain shows the company several activities which are carried out with a view to creating a product with the greatest possible customer value.

In this case it shows many different activities that Aqua D’or carries for producing their trustworthy water bottles.

They have a very good contact with their product all they way until it ends in some store, they have several quality controls for checking that the water is 100% pure and worth.

Due to they only have one big warehouse in Denmark where they only have a maximum of completed products

it means that when they produce an amount of bottles, they make sure to distribute them so they aren’t staying for a long time in the warehouse.

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