Aibileen – Excerpt from ‘’The Help’’| Essay

Aibileen is an excerpt from the novel called’ ’The help’’ written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009. This analysis uses the Caip analysis model, mainly focusing on character, theme, language and narration.

Aibileen Clark is a wise African-American maid who raised seventeen white children. She works for Elizabeth Leefolt and adores the Toddler Mae Mobley, which she calls ‘’Baby Girl’’, even though she knows that their loving relationship could hurt them both.

Aibileen has changed a lot since her son died, and she feels that she can’t accept how things are so easily now. The book she is writing encourages her to stand up for any injustice that may bother her.
Aibileen is realizing that she has a lot more to offer in life that she thinks and tries to find the courage to try something new.
The death of her son Treelore causes a ‘’bitter seed’’ to grow inside of her, that makes her less tolerant of racist housewife’s like her employer Miss Leefolt.

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