The feeling of not being accepted by society was common in the 1960s in America.

Black Americans were seen as worth less than white Americans, simply because of the color of their skin.

That means people were not judged for how they acted but for how they looked. “The Help” is a movie about civil rights and the segregation between blacks and whites and racism.

This was very rare at that time when blacks and whites bonded together. Throughout the movie, we see how their relationship is evolving and how they go from being in different social classes to friends.

Celia Foote is entirely isolated from the Jackson community, she lives with her husband who is not at home that often, which leads to loneliness.

Minny is struggling to be appreciated by her worth, and because of that, she is fighting against society.

It is clear to see that the two of them are gaining strength from each other and becoming more independent.