Part 1.

Segregation has been a huge problem in America after slavery was abolished in 1863. Through the years, segregation has become a minor issue, however, it still exists in America today.

Especially in recent years has this topic been much discussed. People all over the world have made demonstrations of human rights. In this essay, I will account for segregation in the United States.

On Being Crazy contains five different situations where the narrator has a dialogue with some people he meets. The narrator is a Black American man, who repeatedly got harassed while he is doing basic things.

In the first situation he got harassed by a waiter, but he defended himself and was allowed to eat. After that, he went to the the-ater and a woman told him to leave because black people were not wanted.

The narra-tor defended himself again. At the hotel, he got harassed again and told to leave be-cause it was a hotel only for white. He tried to protest but could not get a bed. Therefore, he wanted a sleeping cabin on the train through Texas.

They will not sell him a ticket. In the last situation, he met a wayfarer who immediately walked to the other side of the road, although that side was full of mud. His reason for doing so was because he believed niggers are dirty and he did not want to walk near them.