Ladies and gentlemen, classmates and teachers. I am Nicole Nielsen and I have been honoured to work on this specific topic for the past months of me studying here in the United States.

I was given the task to focus my time here on researching the obesity epidemic in American society, which is an important subject in a country like America, why you may ask. It is simply because obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in America, and 31.8% of Americans is obese today.

That makes this country, the country with the 2nd highest obesity rate in the world. Let me explain why this is a problem and why it is a topic that must be talked about since nobody is addressing this. Obesity is an epidemic disease, which causes heart diseases, diabetes and cancer, all of them are very dangerous diseases, and this is putting America at a higher death rate each year.

This epidemic has its roots from the American lifestyle. The nutrition culture of Americans is what caused this problem. Fast-food chains such as McDonalds, In-N-Out, KFC etc. are available in almost every local community.

This gives the Americans access to unhealthy junk food such as McDonalds, because it has become an easy option instead of cooking at home. Cooking healthy food is also more expensive than buying McDonalds and given the economy problems in The United States people would rather save their money.

Many low-income families don’t have the privilege to buy expensive fruits and vegetables which makes junk food the cheaper option.

This has to do with 60% of both parents working today and with many hours. This affects Americans time for sports and for exercising.

Experts argue that the low availability of psychical activity is making this a bigger problem.

In Denmark one of our main transportations are bikes, this is a better alternative for transportation because this is a method of exercise and it is also good for the climate.