Is poverty in the US a real thing, and is Trump trying to hide something. This is something with extremely high relevance for the US, but also the countries around.

Poverty in USA has always been an important topic for the country itself, but also the countries in connection with the US. So, the fact that the nation’s leader and president can say something like that and completely close the eyes on the problem, is quite remarkable. But why.

Why would Donald Trump try to hide something like that from the world. Why would risk his image, well knowing that this case would end up on a lot of people’s lips. And when the media would get the story out, he could end up in an enormous shitstorm. And has it in the end, potentially ended up costing Donald Trump the election of 2020.

To understand a text, we must first and foremost look at the basic knowledge about the given text.

This makes the text easy to understand. The use of words is not in a class where it is impossible to understand. With that said, it is still well-describing word that is being used. But it’s the way the writer uses them, that makes it an easy and comfortable experience as a reader.

The way she has set up the text and the arguments and use of language she uses works exactly as she wants it to.

Bryce Coverts purpose with this text, is to convince people of Trumps missing abilities to lead a county and to change people’s opinion on him. And as I said, she succeeds just as she planned when she wrote this text.

The text might feel a little bit objective, as we only gets her opinion and facts that support her arguments.