‘The Help’ | Essay | Noter

a) Grammatik
1. About the movie
2. Does the place of action remain the same or is there more than one physical setting?
3. What time of year or of day is it?
4. What information is given about the historical period and context?
5. Is there any indication in the text of the social and cultural environment?
7. Does the setting create a particular atmosphere?
8. Does the setting reflect a character's mood or underline emotions?
- characterization of 1-2 characters
- message.

The year before, the NAACP had (HJV) won (HOV) an important victory in the US Supreme Court. In the case Brown v. Board of Education, the Court had decided (HOV) that “whites only” elementary schools could no longer exclude (HOV) black children.

The 3 verbs that are in the text “I Am a Man” are had, had and could. the time these 3 words stand in simple past tense.


The movie “The Help” is american movie released in 2011. The movie takes place in Mississippi, often seen as the most racist state in USA history.

The movie is mainly about the american segregation between black and white. The story takes place in the 1960s where racism was a big issue.

Back then Black people were seen as people of less privilege, then the white people. This was a major issue in the 1960s and can also be seen in the movie.

The story is about a white woman that is trying to make it as a journalist and then she gets a good idea when one of her friends is treating her mate very purley and then she taught to herself

that she would write a book with the stories from all the mates and how they have been living and how they got treated. After all that a lot of things started to happen to the black mates.

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